MIKE TRIGG, United Kingdom
(Leader at Laminine Inc.)

MikeI have been involved in MLM for more than 30 years and I see that Dr. O. has delivered a truly good book summarizing the top strengths of successful leaders. I was privileged to get a copy this book when it was still a closely guarded document and applied the secrets there to my downline while at SBC and even now at my present opportunity ...... it was really good.


I have had the privilege to work with Dr. O when he was Director For Africa & India at SBC and I can tell you he knows what he is talking about. He broke records on his run to make Platinum at that company in less than 6 weeks!


This book is very well written in very simple to understand terms. I and my team have no problems whatsoever applying them to improve our internet business opportunity. Frankly, I must say that The Wealth Apostle has delivered an astounding report here for such a small price.


One final thing I can say about this product is that you will certainly get lots of value for your money. If you take action and really apply the principles like I have, you will be very glad you did."

Gobi SOMA, Pakistan
[Top Leader, RevShare Inc.]

MikeI have been a leader in MLM for more than 10 years now, and this book is one of the few that really explained the simple things leaders do in a way that everyone can easily understand and apply.


As someone who makes his living as an internet marketer in the MLM niche, I was really excited to get a book that basically summarizes the few things leaders do to succeed in a way that I and my team can quickly read and apply it. I can surely tell you this is an awesome product for those who really want to know those simple, yet powerful things the superstars do to make more money than everybody else.


I enjoyed the clarity of presentation of these leadership secrets by The Wealth Apostle. He really captured the very essence of what made those 8 superstars so successful and it was very easy for me to apply them for myself and also teach those secrets to my associates and downline.


There was no fluff at all in this book. Just straight explanation of the secrets and how you can apply them in your business right now, whatever network marketing or Internet Marketing niche you are involved with. This book positively and absolutely rocks"

[Legacy Team Leader at Prosperity Miracle Inc.]

MikeI have reviewed this book and frankly, I am not surprised that this book is helping so many people, from different business opportunities and niches, to transform not just their internet marketing businesses.


When you get a book written by an Attorney, with a PH.D in Law, who also happened to own several online and offline businesses himself, you can be sure it would be dynamite!


As one of the Diamonds interviewed in this book, I was fortunate to get an advance copy of this book. It is straight to the point and full of wit and fun. This book could really help you transform, not just your network marketing business, but any internet business niche you are involved with. It is that good.


Apart from my own little secrets discussed in the book, the book contained the secrets of 7 other powerful leaders in the book that was very helpful to improve my team even in my new business.


If you really want to know how the big boys and guys are doing it, then you need to get this book now, whether you are a newbie or a leader seeking to grow even bigger. For the crazy cheap price he is offering this along, with the even crazier bonuses he told me he is offering, I would say you need to get it now. It’s a steal at $17!

[SBC Leader and Top Trainer]

MikeI was privileged to be one of the leaders interviewed in this awesome package by Dr. O., The Wealth Apostle.


People have often asked me the secrets of my amazing success at my business opportunity and I always tell them success is NOT COMPLICATED. I have only simple 3 secrets that have made me a megastar and helped me to make a lot of people in my team very rich in whatever MLM company I have found myself.


I sincerely believe if anyone can follow these universal secrets they most certainly can be successful, not only in ANY MLM, but in any internet business for that matter

I have used these SECRETS to build a massive down-line all over the world, including associates in places like USA, Europe, India, Africa and several Latino countries. I believe these secrets will help you.


Dr. Ope has included the secrets of 7 other MLM leaders, including my own, together in one place for you. That certainly would be awesome!


I have worked with Dr. O. before and I can honestly tell you that he was one of the most dynamic leaders and magnetic trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This book will help you to understand, in a simple way that anyone can apply, the things leaders like me do to make 5-figures consistently.

Whatever he asked for this package, I can assure you it would be a bargain!

  • You will learn the exact strategies that they use to make such massive profits every month
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The occasion was the Annual Convention of one of the wave making Network Marketing companies based in the USA. All the stars of the young company were gathered in full force at the prestigious Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas USA, to celebrate a company that has taken the network marketing world by storm in the last 14 months.


Looking at the caliber of MLM Rock stars present at the Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel for the 1st ever worldwide convention of a wave-making MLM Company, it was difficult to believe that company just started full operation barely a year previously.

The atmosphere was electric!


The stars of the company, many of whom are already making 5-figures in the new company, as well as the aspiring stars, were all on full display.


On the first day, during the ‘Meet and Greet’ session, I saw many of the MLM Rock Stars that I have only heard rumors about, or chatted with on Facebook. They were all there in flesh and blood.
Yes, I am talking about people who have made things happen, and are still making things happen in Network Marketing

all over the world in that new company such as Nate Bianco, Wendy Bongalis, Tim Miller, Steve Andersen, Dana Glover, Ury Melendez, Ricardo Angulo, Eddie Spears III, Wayne Stewart, Truce Pierre, Eric Carten, Sonya Williams etc. They all came out to celebrate each other, and the company that has brought all of us together.


Though I had planned on talking to a few of the superstars before heading to Las Vegas, I suddenly realized that I was faced with a unique opportunity to do something special at this event. I felt that a unique gathering of the super achievers at an MLM Convention presents a great opportunity to capture their secrets of success, and document those secrets for others to emulate and duplicate.
I was convinced it would have been a great opportunity missed if we all just came to Vegas, had fun, do some gambling and never took the opportunity to bottle up the collective wisdom of these guys for posterity.


So, I decided to interview some of the great Diamond leaders present and get them to reveal to me the secrets of their success. To my great delight, they were all very forthcoming. I believe it must have something to do with the free flowing wine and general atmosphere of love! They were very candid in revealing to me what they did, or are presently doing, on their rise to the top so quickly in this organization.

This Book is a summarized presentation of my encounters with the great leaders and the secrets I was able to get them to divulge. I hope the contents will be a blessing to your MLM business as it has done for the few people I have given the privilege of going through it.
That is what this little book is all about.

As you will discover in the succeeding pages, most of the stars revealed different things as their top 3 SECRETS OF SUCCESS, thereby confirming that there are enough roads to the top at any MLM Opportunity, if only a diligent distributor will take the time to identify the secrets, and then implement them.


So, who are these people and why do I think that what these MLM Rockstars have to say will change your life? Because these were the people who were quietly going home every month with 5-figure income using very simple secrets that you can learn and start applying today. This is NOT some theories that just sound good. These people have applied them at different MLM opportunities and they have the money and lifestyle to show for them!


You may not know all of them but their simple step-by-step secrets have made legends in the industry and produced consistent monthly 5-figure income for them. Now you can have those secrets for the cost of lunch at McDonalds!


Also, The fact that they have used these secrets in more than one MLM shows that they are duplicable and transferable from company to company and from Upline to Upline.


‘The Blind Recruiting machine’

Yes, he is LEGALLY BLIND, but he still pulls in 5-figures a month, consistently, with just 3 secrets he revealed. He has had outstanding success in SBC, Vemma and other MLMs to prove his ‘secrets’ work


‘The Queen Builder’ BONGALIS-

She was a regular housewife who leveraged her ‘secrets’ to earn over $40,000 a month in less than one year of joining her current MLM Opportunity. Her ‘secrets’ showed why they all her Queen builder.


‘Mr Follow The GPS’

They call him ‘Mr GPS’. This RockStar has duplicated his success in several MLMs to prove that his ‘secrets’ actually do work anywhere. His simple, yet devastating revelations will shock you!


‘The Master Builder’

This internationally acclaimed Trainer has his own unique secrets that make him 5-figures monthly. He built downlines across ethic barriers including India, Africa and South America using ‘only 3 secrets’


‘The Hispanic Godfather’

This King on the Hispanic MLM Community revealed the 3 secrets why his downline adored him and how he was able to replicate his phenomenal success in 4 different MLMs spanning over 15 years


‘The Smooth Builder’

With his simple folksy dynamic and easy going attitude, Ury Melendez managed to build thousands of downlines across continents with his own unique ‘secrets’. You will love them!


‘Treat Me Like A RockStar, Darn It!’

He demands that every audience stand up and treat him like a RockStar! What he revealed about his amazing rags-success shows why he is indeed a RockStar and an MLM Aristocrat worth learning from.


‘Keep Your Eyes on The Prize’

He came from nowhere and took his primary opportunity by storm by building a massive operation in a few months. Now people get him to share his ‘simple’ secrets of success.


All these top stars have more than 100 years of Network Marketing experience between them and now you can know how they achieved superstar status in the TODAY simply by downloading this book!


Get these Secrets Now for Only $17

You may not know all of them but their simple step-by-step secrets have made legends in the industry and produced consistent monthly 5-figure income for them. Now you can have those secrets for the cost of lunch atMcDonalds!


This special report is ONLY for people who…

  • Want a proven-to-work strategy to profit from their MLM opportunity without wasting time;
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  • Have been doing MLM for quite some time but are not seeing any results.
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If you are one of the above…

Then this 52-PAGE NO-FLUFF PDF E-BOOK revealing the top secrets of 8 MLM Superstars as divulged to me at a Las Vegas Hangoutwill definitely help to boost your profits and help you make more money from MLM.


Get these secrets NOW for less than the cost of lunch at Burger King!


I am so confident that these Secrets Of MLM Diamonds will be such a blessing to you that I am backing this one up with an iron clad guarantee….

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#You also this YET-TO-BE-RELEASED WSO for FREE if you take action TODAY! For the first time ever I am reversing the conventional thinking about bonuses attached to a sales. Instead of just giving you a product that has been retired, I am giving you a book that has NOT even been released yet! This book “GOOGLE+ MARKETING MIRACLE FOR NETWORK MARKETERS ($37 Value) has NOT YET been released by me before and will be launched in May this year. It has been scheduled to be released as a WSO on the 1st of May as a WSO for $19 (to be sold elsewhere for $37) but if you buy Secrets of Diamonds, you will get an advance copy TODAY.

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If you purchase this product today, I will give you a free advance copy of my upcoming WSO “MOBILE PROFITS REVELATIONS”


Here is the headline of this brand new product I am launching in the next few weeks:

With this awesome video course, you can forget about Email marketing to your prospects and customers where your chances of reaching your customers or prospects is getting slimmer everyday due to increasing ANTI-SPAM rules. Mobile Marketing, if done right as this video course will teach you,willactually INCREASES YOUR CHANCES of getting through to them. This is amazing step by step video course that takes you by the hand to show you how to do this quickly and easily increase your sales to your prospects and customers...


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Prospecting is the life blood of both Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. As part of this Special WSO, I am including 10 ORIGINAL freshly minted professionally prepared killer FOLLOW-UP Email Templates written by one of the best copy-writers in the business with this offer for your Warm Prospects (5) and Cold Markets(5).


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See, this is an UNAUTHORIZED REVELATION of the Secrets these stars divulged to me while they were drinking and having a nice time in Las Vegas.


They probably NEVER EXPECTED TO SEE THESE SECRETS REVEALED IN PRINT TO THE WHOLE WORLD! So, it is very possible that their Attorneys may force me to take this down once they noticed that their secrets are being revealed to people who are NOT in their downline, and people who are NOT even promoting the same business opportunity with them.


SO, hustle to get your copy right now before it is too late.

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Dr O. [The Wealth Apostle]
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